Meeting with Sarah and David Reilly

Friday 21st was the last day in Glasgow for Sarah, one of our german participants, After 3 weeks enjoying her work placement, she had to say good bye to her host employer, David Reilly, founder of Create Ts & Cs.

We visited Sarah and David to have some feedback about their experience and we are glad to say that they both enjoyed working together,

« It went very well, if she was staying here I would hire her ! », said David Reilly. As for Sarah, she couldn’t stop smiling while being showered with all those compliments :  « She adjusted very well. She would not only do the research but write the blogs. That was very useful. She was very quick to capture what I wanted. She also used her own initiative », continued David.

Sarah was indeed in charge of writing some blog articles that will be posted on the company’s website

We enjoy very much when a work experience was so useful to both parties. Whilst improving her english and acquiring new skills, Sarah has been able to learn a new work method and contributed to the success of such an innovative company as Ts & Cs. As for David Reilly, he could, in the meantime, focus on other areas of the company that needed his full attention.

Well done, guys !

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