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A view from the Basta site in Sweden
A view from the Basta site in Sweden

Our mission in Europe is through creating confident ambassadors in European learning known as CAEL.
We have dedicated a website to this european internship experience http://cael-internships.com
CAEL consists in 5 trips to european countries such as Sweden, Prague and Seville to visit social enterprises and voluntary organisations known for their innovative approach to social work.
Supported by the EU Lifelong Learning program, Cael internships are for social staff and volunteers who wish to extend their knowledge and acquire new practice.
The project started in 2013 with a trip to Basta, an innovative social enterprise in Sweden, and to Prague where participants worked at a gallery and at an integrated centre for children. You can visit our dedicated website to discover their experience through our blog section.We are currently preparing our next trips which will be to Prague in May 2014 and then to Basta again in June 2014. To know more about the Cael experience and read what the participants have said about it, do not hesitate to visit our other website mentioned above or read all about the swedish experience in Basta here.

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