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We invite all employability and mentoring professionals in Scotland to join us on 11th December 2014 for a free event where we will introduce you to two of our projects dedicated to helping people in search for employment and relevant work experience.David Amato and friends

These two projects, CAEL and EGUIDE, are European funded and have already supported people and organisations in Scotland.
Our first project, CAEL, stands for Confident Ambassadors in European Learning and is funded through the Leonardo da Vinci action of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme.
The project was launched last year and consisted in 5 trips to European cities and towns. 21 volunteers on their own journeys of development got involved and went to Basta in Sweden, Prague in the Czech Republic and Úbeda in Spain to work with local companies and organisations for 2-4 weeks.
They came back with a substantial work experience to fuel their career ambition but most of all they came back with some more confidence.

“We aimed the project at people who have been working in life to overcome challenges and confidence helps them move forward, says Sabrina Allison, one of the two directors of Light on the Path.”

She continues:

They realised (through CAEL trips) that they were capable of much more than they thought. Some participants have moved on to college, some to jobs, and all have inspired people around them. Confidence is a key soft skill to move forward in life. It gives you more chance to discover who you want to be in life and to pursue it, which EGUIDE is also about.”

Indeed, EGUIDE, with a different method, aims to ignite confidence in its users. It does so by helping them recognise their personality traits, interests and cognitive skills, and how these can best fit different career directions. Through a series of online questions, the tool determines and then reveals the user’s professional match. The employability support adviser or peer mentor can then discuss the results with the user during a feedback session, where they explore together the details of how the client would thrive best.
The EGUIDE tool is user-friendly, quick for client and practitioner alike to use, and is based on psychometric testing applied through a set of questions tested and developed with disadvantaged jobseekers.  EGUIDE was developed through a series of European projects led by Ballymun Job Centre in Dublin and brought to Scotland, Netherlands and Sweden through the AppsGuide Project, which Light on the Path co-ordinates.

We are delighted to invite you to learn more about these 2 projects on the 11th of December from 10:00am to 2pm at the Lighthouse, Gallery 4, Mitchell Lane, off Buchanan Street. Presentation will start at 10:30 but we will welcome you from 10am to enjoy some coffee or tea.

You will then hear about staff and participants’ experiences and discover how you could participate in the future while enjoying some coffee and mince pie.
If you want to try out the EGUIDE tools for yourself before the event, let us know and we will arrange that for you!
You can book your place at the event below or send us an email at info@lightonthepath.co.uk

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