Choose Glasgow for your placement

Graphic Design apprentice David Amato and his friends in Glasgow

English is increasingly important in Europe, and Glasgow can give you the chance to improve your English, while immersing you in the richness of Scottish culture.  Glasgow is “the friendly city”, where work placement hosts, host families and even strangers in the street will welcome you from the start and make sure you feel at home.

Glasgow combines stunning Victorian architecture, lots of gorgeous parks, loads of free museums, extensive public transport, possibly more places to go out per head of population than any other British city – and links to the stunning Scottish Highlands, Islands and countryside.  But the secret ingredient that makes Glasgow such an amazing place to be is the people.  Come and find out for yourself!

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  1. Alexandros Kokkinos

    Dear Sirs,

    My name is Alexandros Kokkinos. I have recently graduated from University of Portsmouth with a bachelot degree in Architecture. Now am looking a place to do my placement. I spent one year in Glasgow doing English foundation and I would love to come back to spend another one year.
    I am sending this e-mail to ask if you can help me to find a place to do my placement in Glasgow as an architect. It would be amzing if you could help me with that and give me some quide lines.

    Best regards,

    Alexandros Kokkinos.

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