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With the open borders of Europe, individual mobility has become as easy as ever however students but also companies do not necessarily think of our neighbours in the union for an internship, a work placement or an apprenticeship.

Europe has highly skilled students and workers as well as competitive companies who constantly need help maintaining their levels of performance.

Why not surrender to the law of supply and demand and consider a work placement in Glasgow or work with an intern from France, Spain or Portugal?

We are regularly organising internships and apprenticeships in Glasgow and we have dedicated a website for it http://www.internshipsglasgow.com

Do not hesitate to visit it to see what Glasgow has to offer for internships and how you can become a host employer, a host family or a student participant.

If you would like to know more about these exciting European opportunities then click on the relevant link below.


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  1. Ursula

    Hi I was wondering about the age of the people u use to intern?

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