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As we are finalizing our AppsGuide project with all our European partners, we want to say thank you to all the volunteers and staff who have helped us move this project forward. As we love spreading good practice and working with European partners, the AppsGuide project was a perfect opportunity to do both.

More than 200 volunteers have signed up to test the application in Scotland and we have distributed numerous £10 vouchers as reward to those pioneers.

Funded under the Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation action of the EU Lifelong Learning Fund, the project lasted 2 years and has been both challenging and rewarding.

We are now very excited to present the project and another of our program during a free event that will take place at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, on the 11th december. To know more about this event, click here.

About the AppsGuide

The project started in 2012 and focuses on innovative tools developed in Ireland by our partners, Ballymun Job Centre, who worked with occupational psychologists, guidance professionals and multimedia specialists from across Europe on a series of previous projects.

Screenshot for Interest Explorer tool in EGUIDE
Part of the animation in EGUIDE’s Interest Explorer tool, (c Ballymun Job Centre)

The project has allowed us to:

  • update the tools and adapt them to work in different cultural settings
  • translate them to Swedish and Dutch
  • create app versions of the tools to work on smartphones and tablets
  • train a small group of peer mentors from Ireland, the Netherlands, Scotland and Sweden
  • train a group of peer mentors and guidance/employability support practitioners to use the modified and new tools
  • pilot the new tools in the partners’ own organisations and roll them out more widely, especially in the Netherlands and Scotland
  • develop an international norm group for the statistical analysis behind the tools and a report explaining it
  • develop training materials and a range of feedback tools tailored for different situations
  • make the updated tools available more widely at the end of the project

Get in touch!

If you are part of an organisation specialised in employability or you are looking for a tool that will help you get a better insight on your client professional abilities, you may want to contact us to get more information about the Eguide.

The tool is ideal for professionals whose duties are to help clients find the best professional occupation fitted to their personalities and skills.

Try the Eguide and see how it can help your business!

Feel free to contact us by email or via phone 01 41 204 4140.

This project is funded by the European Union.

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