Uncovering potential fast

People’s fulfillement and well being is important to us.

We consider that in terms of employment, the human factor in candidates needs to be taken into account to adapt any work method to a specific employee.
A happy employee will more likely deliver a great job.
Therefore you need to consider the personality of the recruit, how does he/she work best, what are his/her personal interests ?

We discovered in Dublin a tool that is enabling us to do just that !

Discover the Eguide ! It presents itself in the form of a questionnaire that the participants will need to answer honestly. The answers will be analysed within the application.

The employer will receive a detailed report of the participant’s strength and how he works best.

We are delighted to be able to offer the tool to individuals and teams, We will also be running training for employability and other guidance or support practitioners to use the tools with their own clients, to bring out the best in them.

We are also coordinating a two-year project funded by the EU lifelong learning fund to update the tools, make them work in different cultures, translate them into swedish and dutch, develop apps for the tools and try them with peer mentors giving the feedback.

To find out more about the  project called Apps guide, click here.

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European institutions share our vision and continue to support us!

The AppsGuide project (Applications for Guiding users in their Development towards Education and Employment) and our training in January 2012 in Dublin to use EGUIDE have been funded with support from the European Commission.

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