Business banter at Paperinos restaurant

On the 21st of february, apart from taking care of our current interns in Glasgow and searching for host companies and families for our next big group of french apprentices, we had the pleasure to take part in the weekly business banter held at Paperinos, a bar restaurant in Glasgow.
This weekly meeting has been going on for more than 3 years now and the friendly, relaxed atmosphere was highly enjoyable.
The concept is quite simple : this networking event is attended by professionals who have for sole purpose to make new contacts and have interesting conversations with their peers.
« No need to sell yourself to the group » says Business Banter on their website.
In fact, we did not need to sell ourselves to anybody but we left the event with several business cards and a wide smile on our faces.
With the organiser, Martin Jack, we had a good laugh about the incessant rain on saturdays in Glasgow since October 1st.
We also admired the artistic and creative talents of Istvan Szép and talked with Alison Mc Kay about the effortless chic of parisian ladies,
Unlike other formatted professional networking groups, Business Banter is not limiting your speach time, it is as natural as meeting friends in the pub.
We really appreciated the chat and will surely be back for more !
For more info about Business Banter, go to the official website

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