Why Light on the Path

We wanted a name that showed our devotion to our customers/participants. A name that could speak for itself and explain how we devote our time to make other people’s experience amazing.

Organisations come to us so we can help their employees, students or collaborators have an experience abroad wether it is in Glasgow or in another european city.

We then tailor their experience to fit their needs : we find the right host employer, a host family and we introduce them to their new city.

We believe that this allows our participants to be enlightened on their way to their successful selves.

As their journey in life crosses ours we aim to clear their way by connecting them with the right people so their professional as well as their personal experience create some light on the path that will lead them to achieve their full potential.

Light on the Path for a company whose main purpose is the personal accomplishment of others seemed appropriate.

For Sabrina Allison, one of the co-directors, the name of her company is synonymous of encouraging people to savour where they are as they move along their path:

« I’ve had to ask myself what Light on the Path is all about. I realised it’s actually about helping to increase the fun in life. Whether it’s through learning Reiki to let good feelings work in your life, work placements in other countries to give you whole new insights and new friends, or the new EGUIDE tools we’re going to start offering from the end of the month, it’s all about enriching life… and making it more fun. Which makes it fun for me too.
To focus on that – and make time for music and other leisurely pleasures – has got to make for a more balanced and richer life. »
Sabrina Allison

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