Light on the Path is a work placement company that is all about creating learning opportunities for individuals. We transform an international work placement into a mesmerizing experience where the individual’s potential is made to blossom.
We are constantly working on enabling our clients to access openings outside of their normal environment.
Alike our logo, we want their experience to be colorful and unique.
Our aim : the smile on their face as they discover their way forward and thoroughly enjoy it.

Light on the path is an SME which has been working in European Lifelong Learning projects since 2010.  The directors, Morag Cassidy and Sabrina Allison have backgrounds in evaluation, fundraising, social inclusion and a range of development and employment supports for people with disadvantaged backgrounds. Our staff are highly qualified and experienced employability and training professionals with over 50 years field and project management experience between them.

The company has worked in partnership with a range of agencies across Scotland and mainland Europe to deliver projects that have shared good practice and learning in the employability field.  We have co-ordinated Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships, Mobility and Transfer of Innovation projects, as well as taking part in Transversal study visits and Visits and Exchanges. All of these have strengthened our partnerships and extended the opportunities available for beneficiaries.

This year 2014 has started very well for us at Light on the Path as we are very busy helping our new apprentices and interns settle in Glasgow and discover the city.
Many more apprentices are to join us all along the year and 3 CAEL trips to the Czech Republic, Italy and Spain are planned for may, june and october.
To know more about our CAEL adventures, check our dedicated website http://cael-internships.com/

Light on the Path is all about taking opportunities for development. It translates into these main services :

• Co-ordinating european apprentices visiting Scotland for short work placements.

• Co-ordinating a series of work placements for staff of a Swedish social enterprise visiting Scotland to learn from social enterprises here and the support and development opportunities for social enterprises in Scotland.

• Co-ordinating vocational and educational training professionals visiting Scotland for short study tours to learn about the opportunities available and about the vocational and educational systems for young people in Scotland.

• Co-ordinating a TOI project, with partners from five countries to adapt and transfer an innovative online vocational guidance tool and develop a mobile app.

Furthermore, since working extensively in Mobility services with partners in Germany and Sweden, we have developed networks of host families and work placement hosts that can provide welcoming, supportive learning opportunities.  We have had excellent feedback from participants and project organisers alike, and are constantly looking for ways to add value to our mission.

As a result of this we have been invited by our dutch partner to organise work placements for skilled but unemployed young people from the Netherlands and, separately, to collaborate on a EURES project to help SME source skilled young people from other countries to fill hard-to-fill jobs in Glasgow.

Our recent survey, conducted in october 2013, has shown that the majority of our participants had a positive experience in Glasgow.

About their work placement, they mostly enjoyed friendly colleagues, As for the host companies, they appreciated to discover another work ethic and have a fresh outlook on their business. Most of the employers interrogated revealed that they were happy the interns could efficiently take work out of their hands.

We are proud that we made that happen and we will continue to do so !

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